Body Renewal Massage - Company Message
Welcome to Body Renewal Massage

 Body Renewal Massage is an inviting, quiet respite where you can stop hurting and start healing. 

Whether you're looking for full body relaxation, relief from chronic or acute pain, or a sports package to better your game, we have a massage that will fit your needs. 

A therapeutic plan is created for you in a professional environment 
and each massage is custom tailored to the specific area(s) of 
                                                 focus you ask for.

Body Renewal Massage creates a successful massage
 for the client by listening, observing, and assessing the unspoken
 story that the body reads. Techniques such as Trigger Point work are 
used to clear the "knot" or congestion, so oxygen and nutrients 
can flow and restore your body's muscle health.

We wish to have a symbiotic partnership that 
incorporates trust, physical release , and consistency with
our clients; so that we may facilitate them in their wellness goals.
It is through this formula that we will see stellar results achieved. 
We want your massage experience to be like no other massage 
you have ever had, and we appreciate you choosing us.
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